A Burgeoning Bibliography, or, New Work in Medieval Song

Here at Medieval Song we've developed a bibliography of scholarship on medieval lyric and song. The most recent addition is a discussion of some of the essays in the 2011 University of Exeter book Citation, Intertextuality and Memory in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Volume One, Text, Music and Image from Machaut to Ariosto. We'd like to continue building the bibliography by crowdsourcing it. So yes - we invite you, our members, to contribute to the list of works you think do or should inform medieval song criticism. In the next few months we'll be adding to the bibliography ourselves, and we'll be adding shorter and longer entries. The longer ones will approach reviews, but will often be more like bibliographic summaries. Next week we'll be profiling a new bibliographic entry by our member Sean Dunnahoe.

Here's a snippet of our look at Citation, Intertextuality, and Memory:

The intertextuality which interests scholars in this book is interdisciplinary—verbal texts borrowing from musical and visual texts, and vice versa. Essays by Jacques Boogart, Ardis Butterfield, Domenic Leo, R. Barton Palmer, Benjamin Albritton, Kathleen Palti, and Ann Stone deal with French and English texts; Stefano Jossa and Monica Calabritto deal with Italian and Latin ones. Anthony Musson and Karel Thein deal particularly with images—manuscript illuminations, and frescoes. In this notice I profile a few of the essays that have special relevance for medieval lyric. Continue Reading...