Corrections in Middle English lyrics: update

Dan Wakelin writes to us about his talk, given in Sept 2012 at the Medieval Song Network workshop:
"Since September 2011 I have not done any further work on the subject of my paper given at the Medieval Song Network. I was planning to integrate that material into the last chapter of a book I am writing on scribal corrections, but as that book grows and changes, I have realized that it may not fit, in word-limit and in concept, in that last chapter. I am therefore likely to try to convert it into a separate article, once I have finished the book. As it currently exists as a short paper and notes for a spoken summary, that should not be too tricky! I had some useful feedback on metrical and musical questions at the meeting of the Song Network, so I can see various aspects of the work to extend or emend. I would aim to do this late in 2012."