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Polymerous Plainsong: Or, a coffee break for Foucault

 This post differs somewhat from my usual offering.  Rather than giving a decent review of the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society annual meeting, I will summarise the events of the day only briefly, referring those interested to the PMMS website for detailed abstracts of the papers.  Instead, I have decided to focus on a thought that was planted in my mind by chance at the meeting, and has si

Review of Nordic Conference on Medieval Book Fragments

On 21 May, twenty-six delegates and researchers convened for three days in Stockholm for the Nordic Conference on Medieval Book Fragments, hosted by the Swedish National Archives.  The event aligned with several commemorative events:  first, the transformation of the Medeltida Pergamentomslag (MPO) database—a repository of nearly 23,000 medieval fragments in Sweden, about half of which contain music—into an online searchable format, a project several years in the making after the catalogue was initially complete

New Bibliographic Entry and Review

 For today’s post I had originally intended to review John Toy’s catalogue of liturgical material for English saints in medieval Scandinavian sources from the perspective of my own project on Scandinavian chant, but last week, after whimsically having come to the decision to read through Leo Treitler’s collection of essays, Reflections on Musical Meaning and its Representations, I felt compelled to review that instead and save the other entry for later.

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